The Purpose of CAM Fees
Signing commercial leasing contract
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Both Load Factor and CAM fees serve the same basic purpose: To require tenants to help cover the landlord’s actual direct expenses for “common areas.” Common areas can include both internal expenses (hallways, elevators, lobbies, public bathrooms, etc.) and external expenses (parking lots, landscaped areas, etc.).

Be sure to have listed in the lease exactly what your CAM fees will cover, an estimate of current CAM fees, and how often they are to be paid. If you will be required to help with the cost of major renovations like parking lot repaving, or any type of structural repairs get it in writing. Have the landlord list when these repairs were last made and when they are scheduled or anticipated to be done in the future.

Not all landlords will require tenants to help with expenses like roofing, parking lot maintenance, and structural repairs and there really is no “standard” that applies to leases so do not rely on simply seeing “CAM fees” in your lease – be sure they’re explained.

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